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Email from the union

From: Cambridge Union Society <>

Subject: Dominique Strauss-Kahn tickets

Date: 9 March 2012 12:21:11 GMT

To: Conrad Landin

Reply-To: Cambridge Union Society <>

Dear Conrad,

This email is being resent, as some members reported not receiving it the first time. 

You are receiving this e-mail to confirm that you have an OVERFLOW ROOM ticket for Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s talk on Friday evening at 7.30pm. Please print this e-mail and bring it with you, or you will not be allowed entry to the event. Please note the following:
– The entrance will be on Park Street, next to the ADC theatre. We recommend you queue at 6.15pm.
– No entry will be permitted without a ticket and a matching, valid Union Society membership card and one other form of photo ID (preferably your University ID)
– NO BAGS or CAMERAS will be allowed into the building – please leave these elsewhere before coming to the Union
– NO photography or recording will be permitted in the building. If you do so, you will be asked to leave
The Cambridge Union Society in consultation with Cambridgeshire Constabulary have deemed the following behaviour unacceptable:
– A member to block access to an area with the intent of disrupting the event.
– A member to facilitate the access of non-members into the CUS building.
– A member to verbally shout down any speaker within the event.
– A member to verbally, physically or otherwise disrupt the event.
– A member to be in possession of any article for use in committing damage or offensive weapon.
– A member to engage in violent behaviour towards any party within the CUS building.
– A member to damage any property within the CUS building.
– To commit any other criminal offence.
If you are found to have disrupted, attempted to disrupt, or conspired to disrupt the event, you will be removed from the building and your membership may be revoked. Additionally, if you engage in any of the activities listed above, you may be handed over to the police. The Union Society Reserves the right to revoke permission to enter the premises. By presenting this ticket, you consent any reasonable searches and you agree to be bound by the Constitution of the Cambridge Union Society. The Union Society is a safe-haven for free speech, and as a member you may reasonably exercise the right to question speakers, however any attempt to disrupt the event or to act in such a way as to interfere with our guests’ exercise of free speech will not be tolerated. Please respect you fellow members’ right to hear and engage with the speaker.
Please print this email and bring it with you to the event.

Help rescue, reclaim and restore your Society – donate online, or text TCUS11 £10 to 70070 to make a difference today.

The Cambridge Union Society

9A Bridge St
Cambridge, CB21UB
United Kingdom


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