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An (incomplete) archive of my news reports for the Morning Star can found here. I also occasionally freelance for other newspapers, including the Guardian, the Independent (in those heady print days), and the Evening Standard (Londoner’s Diary). A small selection of my best work is linked below:

Spy coppers set sights on campaigners protesting against workplace deaths – Morning Star, 18th April 2016 (exclusive)

NUT members vote To push for new teaching union with ATL – Morning Star, 26th March 2016

Labour’s youth wing: Blairite elite pricing out working-class members – Independent, 2nd February 2016 (exclusive)

Corbyn team authorise scathing Facebook post against internal critics – Independent, 22nd November 2015 (with Oliver Wright)

Unions urge Jeremy Corbyn to pledge to speed up rail nationalisation – Guardian, 25th September 2015 (with Rajeev Syal)

Police agents “spied on fire union chief” – Morning Star, 16th May 2015 (exclusive)

Tory sanctions champ in new expenses row – Morning Star, 4th May 2015 (exclusive)

Burnham foils Blairite coup – Morning Star, 8th November 2014 (exclusive)

Starbucks at the University of Essex: yes or no? – Guardian, 28th August 2013



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