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Revealed: the police spies’ guide to living a double life – i, 3rd April 2018

King’s Cross: tragedy on the tube – RAIL, 22nd November 2017

“We are the masters now” – the left is stronger than ever in the Labour Party – Morning Star, 26th September 2017

When I camped with Corbyn – and what British politics can learn from the Woodcraft Folk – i, Tuesday 13th June 2017

What next for Labour’s Corbynsceptics? A challenge is out, so they’ll stick to the rules – i, 10th June 2017

Where would a good showing for Labour leave Corbyn’s critics? – i, 3rd June 2017

I read the news today, oh boy: fake news – Aslef Locomotive Journal, May 2017

There’s no secret plot. Momentum just wants a fair say in the Labour party – Guardian, 20th March 2017

Keeping up with the commuters: the story of the failure of Southern Rail – New Statesman, 14th December 2016

It’s Royal Mail’s 500th birthday, but there’s little reason to celebrate – Guardian, 6th September 2016

Missed deadlines, crippling strikes, and Boris Johnson: the difficult journey of the Night Tube – New Statesman, 19th August 2016

How did the rail union become so powerful? – VICE, 16th August 2016

The dirty war inside the Labour party – Morning Star, 30th July 2016

Undercover of the night (special report on undercover policing) – Aslef Locomotive Journal, July 2016

How the Labour party sleepwalked into a post-Brexit meltdown – VICE, 26th June 2016

The Dickensian Sports Direct scandal is the result of successive governments desperate for jobs – New Statesman, 7th June 2016

Love and skate: the dark wit of Diski – Camden New Journal, 5th May 2016

What an argument about McDonald’s tells us about the state of the Labour party – VICE, 19th April 2016

Outrage about Eat scrapping lunch pay ignores widespread exploitation in service sector jobs – New Statesman, 14th April 2016

Happy anniversary Butlins, where unashamed escapism is always on the menu – Guardian, 11th April 2016

Getting to grips with the Corbyn revolution – Aslef Locomotive Journal, March 2016

Marc Karlin: gone, but no longer forgotten – Morning Star, 10th March 2016

An unlikely alliance of Hollywood and British builders is exposing the impact of blacklisting – New Statesman, 12th February 2016

Calm down: “trade union barons” are not really holding Britain to ransom – VICE, 20th May 2015

Labour’s “youth manifesto” totally ignores young members – VICE, 17th April 2015

The Riot Club’s portrayal of a restaurant-smashing Oxbridge elite lacks political bite – New Statesman, 12th September 2014

Avert your eyes George: the Orwell Prize has become an establishment love-in – Independent, 1st April 2014

How Labour could still save the Royal Mail from privatisation – New Statesman, 1st October 2013

Now’s no time to ditch Labour – Morning Star (syndicated at Left Futures) 2nd April 2013

Why won’t universities tackle racism head on? – Guardian, 22nd March 2013

Baristas of the world unite – Prospect, 21st March 2013

Why has Marine Le Pen been invited to Cambridge? – Guardian, 13th February 2013

NUS: don’t let us down this time – Guardian, 19th November 2012

London’s lesson from Jamaica: don’t write off your candidate – Labour Uncut, 8th January 2012

The No to AV campaign is too unpleasant to support, even if you wanted to – Labour Uncut, 25th April 2011

Don’t disparage direct action: it works – Labour Uncut, 3rd April 2011

Report from Michael Foot tribute event – Labour Uncut, 9th November 2010


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